Monday, August 18, 2014

Adventuring at Sky Meadow State Park

Saturday morning Chris and I decided to rouse ourselves (even after a late night playing League of Legends, naturally) and head on out to  Sky Meadow State Park in Delaplane. I had never been and Chris thought it would be a good idea to take the pup out for a mini-hike so we could all get some much needed exercise and outdoor time.

It was amazing and we couldn't have asked for better weather or bluer skies. (Although I did have horrible flashbacks of Tough Mudder when we decided to take the big uphill trek first.)

Before our trip to Seattle and Vancouver back in May, we invested in a new camera. After reading several of the reviews on the Sony Rx100, I thought it was best for picture quality, portability, and ease of use for a camera n00b. I loved having this camera with us on our hike today so I could practice some of the different settings.

The road ahead...


The view from above

My baby

Quest almost complete

Water break


Zebra Swallowtail on Yellow Crownbeard


Lazy Afternoon


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