Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Dungeons and Diamonds Summer

Well, with the 106 degree weather predicted for this Saturday, I think summer is officially here! (At least in Virginia.) For a Casper-pale person such as myself, staying cool and preventing sun burns in the blazing heat can be a constant worry but I’ve learned that lots of water and SPF 100 can do wonders for my attitude when running around outdoors. Aside from those basic necessities, I have come up with a few essentials for a very “dungeons and diamonds” summer. Most of these items (along with a never ending supply of fro-yo..mmm...fro-yo) are on my wish list, and I thought they might inspire my readers too.

1. Waterproof iPhone case by Lifeproof- This waterproof case comes in black, pink, purple, and white and would be perfect for taking cool photos or short videos underwater at the beach. A bit expensive at 79.00, but that’s far less than the price of a new iPhone if it were to get dropped in the pool. Available at Lifeproof.

2. Fekkai Summer Hair Cooling Shine Mist- As evidenced by my Instagram (follow me at Starbuckles) photos, I have very long, red hair. In other words, very susceptible to chorine, the sun, sand, and salt water. Most people apply some level of sunscreen to their skin, but your hair needs attention too! This mist touts shine and UV protection. Available at Ulta.

3. Christian Dior Bronzer in 001 Healthy Tan- As I mentioned previously, I am pretty pale. I don’t tan I just burn and get more freckle-y. I see a lot of gorgeous pale folk, (down with skin cancer!) but personally, I think I look better with just a little bit of color. Thanks to a good spray tan and bronzer, I can prevent myself from looking too “walking dead”. I actually have this product and LOVE it. It’s $46.00 but a little goes a long way. I got my compact earlier this year (at Nordstrom’s) and have barely made a dent in it.

4. My Little Pony Rarity Hoodie- Yes, it’s true. I got sucked into the new MLP and frankly, I think it’s adorable and funny (Pinkie Pie makes me LOL). I think this would be super cute over summer basics, or to keep you warm in the frigid AC at the movies. Available at WeLoveFine for $49.00. (Incidentally, check out the rest of their site. Some awesome pop culture tee’s and hoodies.)

5. Comptoir Sud Pacifique “Vanille Abricot”  Eau de Toilette- Summer calls for lighter fragrances (which still get magnified in the heat) and this smells like a tropical vacation. I have the Vanille Peach scent (which is discontinued) and always get complimented on it. Available for $37.00 at

6. Guayaki “Revel Berry” Yerba Mate- There comes a point when the temperatures start to rise that I switch from hot caffeinated drinks over to cold caffeinated drinks. I was gifted the Toddy Cold Brew system a while back and it is fantastic for making homemade iced coffee. Sometimes though, the coffee jitters or dehydration leave me craving something caffeinated but a little less harsh on my system. Enter Guayaki’s Revel Berry tea. It comes in a large can (much like other energy drinks like Monster) and has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. From Guayaki’s website: “Mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate.” Need I say more? The Revel Berry flavor is sweet without being cloying and its definitely refreshing. It also has only 112 calories per giant can. You can order a case of 12 straight from Guayaki (shipping included) for $29.99.

7. Hello Kitty Moustache backpack- I saw this via Fashionably Geek a few weeks back and cannot stop thinking about it. I would throw in a few magazines, a book, sunscreen, and my iPhone to take with me to the pool. Available at NeatoShop for $39.95

8. Striped Fedora- Along with a UV hair spray, a hat is another way to protect your hair, skin, and face from sun damage. I love the idea of a cute fedora which can be worn with a cute sundress or a swimsuit. This pink and white striped version is available at Nordstroms for $18. (I’ve also seen cute options at Forever 21 and Gap.)

9. AppTag Laser Blaster for iPhone, iPod, and Android- Okay, who remembers THIS version of laser tag? My sister and I were huge fans of both the cartoon and the toy that eventually followed. The newest, updated Laser Tag gun has been constructed to be used with your smart phone and a free AppTag application. This would be an awesome to play with in a park with a group of friends. Read more about it here. Available through Hex3 for $60.00. AppTag Laser Blaster orders will be shipped towards the end of August.  

10. Doctor Who Police Box Towel- I browsing the internets for a fun beach/pool towel and BEHOLD, the TARDIS towel. Signal the Doctor and you might get a ride. Out of stock currently, but available ~ 6/29 from the fine folks at ThinkGeek for 19.99. FANTASTIC!

11. Jeweled bow flip flops- Let’s face it; flip flops are a summer staple. They come in all colors and styles, and are usually pretty inexpensive. These are no exception. This is another item that I already own, and they are ADORABLE. I bought them both in black and Tiffany blue, and the best part? I got them at Sears for $6.00 each. (Note: They are currently down to $5/piece. At that price, you can buy all of the colors!)

12. Victoria’s Secret Bikini- I happen to love the swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret, especially when they are on sale. VS offers all sorts of styles, from bikinis, to one pieces, to weird things called “monokinis.” I am a big fan of this bright purple and turquoise tie-dye option. The top would also be cute worn under a v neck or scoop neck t shirt. Top and bottom available at Victoria's Secret for $18/piece

Although most of us have full time jobs and other responsibilities that don’t stop during the summer months, that doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t take advantage of the longer daylight hours and opportunities stay up way past your bedtime.

What are YOUR summer essentials?


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