Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A word of advice...

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Bizness


A Geek in Girl's clothing

When I started this blog it was a chance to combine my various interests in one big, frothy space. Part of me also wanted to prove that YES, there are girls who like shopping AND Star Trek. First stop J.Crew, second stop Games Workshop! There is always some level of disbelief when I out-nerd nerds, (3 words: Magic: The Gathering) in my 3 inch heels. Perhaps, on some unconscious level, I flock to those who are like me, but I feel like there are a lot more of us out there than people might realize.Most of my close girl friends are gorgeous, smart, funny and nerdy on some level.

I feel like there is definitely a resurgence of women/girls claiming their spot in the geek world, and doing it in style. Below I've gathered together some serious girl power. Check it!

Here is an AMAZING article on the most recent Miss USA and geek credibility. (Also, check out the rest of her blog, Has Boobs, Reads Comics)

Ashley Eckstein, of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fame, has not only made a name for herself voicing Ahsoka Tano, but has also established a Star Wars clothing and accessory line made specifically for fangirls. In her blog, Ashley also encourages girls to embrace what they love, even in a traditionally male dominated genre.

The Frag Dolls area team of professional female gamers who work for French design company Ubisoft to advocate for females in the industry. Not only are they seriously hardcore and competitive, they are all adorable! Check out their website for more about their individual backgrounds, and videos of them crushing their opponents.

And for the lulz:

Question: Do you tend to make assumptions (for better or for worse) about people's "geek cred" when it comes to their appearance?


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