Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you want to see further, you've got to climb higher.

That is the motto of an ancient chinese poem, and I think it fits this current period in my life.

SO many changes are happening, and all for the better. First, I recently applied for a new job, in which I had to interview with five senior level employees. It was pretty nerve-racking, and considering there were several people interviewing the same day as me, it was so surprising when my supervisor emailed me less than two days after the interview to offer me the position. I am beyond excited, as it is a HUGE company in my field, and from what I hear, they treat their employees very well. It's also a big step up from my current job, so that puts me in a better position to move on with the rest of my life. They have a tuition reimbursement program, so part of grad school might be covered. :) I have 1.5 weeks left at my current job, and a sweet 3 day weekend before I begin the new one.

The house hunting I mentioned previously has been put on hold. Chris and I have been unsatisfied with everything we've looked at in our current price point, so we're going to just rent for a year, until we can use both of our incomes. :) I think a cool apartment with a loft, further north, will be just fine for a while.

My Chinese classes have been going great! I really like my tutor and I am constantly amazed by the "Zen" feeling that I get from going to lessons. Before I left her house this past week, she let me listen to some ancient Chinese poetry, and tried to explain the meaning of the words in the book that I was following along with. It's amazing how 2 or 3 sentences can provoke such deep thought. I hope I get proficient enough in the language to be able to make my way around the country when I travel there someday.

All in all, I am READY for the exciting adventures that life has to offer.

Short post, but I'm writing another very soon!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Wishlist

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini: Amazing leather and hardware, and nice and roomy for all of my self-proclaimed neccessities ;)

Sowat Wing Ring: French jeweler with some amazing designs. (P.s.- She ships to the US!)

Fun FX Contacts: I want a silvery purple and something with stars or hearts.

Netbook: Even though I have my iPhone for travelling internet, I'd love something for when I start grad school. HP has some affordable options with cute colors. (I'm thinking pink)

Waterpik: My dentist recommended it when I had braces, for a more effective teeth cleaning. They are relatively inexpensive at Target and the like.

House: Yes, we're still on the lookout. Maybe we'll be lucky enought to get something before the tax credit, but if not, we have backup options.


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