Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Wishlist

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini: Amazing leather and hardware, and nice and roomy for all of my self-proclaimed neccessities ;)

Sowat Wing Ring: French jeweler with some amazing designs. (P.s.- She ships to the US!)

Fun FX Contacts: I want a silvery purple and something with stars or hearts.

Netbook: Even though I have my iPhone for travelling internet, I'd love something for when I start grad school. HP has some affordable options with cute colors. (I'm thinking pink)

Waterpik: My dentist recommended it when I had braces, for a more effective teeth cleaning. They are relatively inexpensive at Target and the like.

House: Yes, we're still on the lookout. Maybe we'll be lucky enought to get something before the tax credit, but if not, we have backup options.


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