Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pick a Palette- Poison Ivy [Arkham Asylum Edition]

Some of you may know from my various tweets and Facebook posts that Batman:Arkham Asylum is my game du jour. I know, I know, I'm so frakking behind on the times, especially since Arkham City is already out! A close friend of mine gifted me this game and its been staring at me from my media shelf, unloved and un-played until recently. (I'm always wary about the time I carve out to play video games due to an unfortunate incident about 14 years ago where I was late picking up my younger sister from school because I got sucked into Chrono Cross.) Well, I finally popped Batman: AA into my PS3 a couple of weeks ago and I am hooked! I'll be honest, at first I thought it was a bit too easy, until the escaped convicts kept shooting Arkham's personnel because I wasn't fast enough (so brutal!). Also, when it went from having to take down 3 armed escapees to 8, I had several *ahem* "do-overs" until I got my stealth take-down just right.

I haven't quite reached Poison Ivy in the game yet, but I am totally digging the concept art for the game. For this pick a palette, I think the obvious choice would have been a bikini or something, but I came up with this summery running outfit (+ accessories) instead. To keep it from looking to pumpkin-y, I decided on a muted green top and shorts and a melon colored jacket. I also included a green iPod nano and Sigg water bottle, to keep your roots hydrated.

1. Jacket: Nike, "Pasadena II Soccer Jacket" in Bright Mango, (here) $48.00
2. Sports Bra: Nike, "Victory Shape" in Gym Green (here) $42.00
3. Running Shorts: Nike, in Gym Green, (here) $35.00
4. Shoes: Nike, "Air Max+ 2011 iD Custom" in green and white, (here) $200.00
5. Water Bottle: Sigg, "Swiss Emblem"in Green Touch (here) $375.00
6. MP3 Player: Apple, "iPod Nano" in Green (here) $129.00 for 8GB
Batman Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition) for the Sony PS3 is available on Amazon.com

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Question: Are there any other palettes you'd love to see? 


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