Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pick a Palette: The Dresden Files

The last few posts in the "Pick a Palette" series have been based off of people. I decided to go a different route this time and do a palette based on my new favorite book series.

Although the first book in the Dresden Files series (by Jim Butcher) was published back in 2000, I just finished the audio-book* version about a week ago. I have to commute to a different work location than my main office sometimes, and it is somewhat of a long drive. Listening to an audio-book definitely makes the time fly and doesn't make me as bitter after sitting in the car for over an hour. After Storm Front was over, Chris downloaded Fool Moon (book two) onto my iPhone and I can't help but listen to a few chapters anytime I have a few free minutes. 

This palette is re-imagining of Dresden, as female, and (slightly) more stylish. Except for the blasting rod and staff, I think I managed to capture all of the "Harry" elements.**

1. Commando, Clear Anodized Handle with Standard School Chalk (for drawing circles), (here) $5.95
2. J Crew, Laramie tote (for carrying spell components and power items), (here) $279.99
3. Steve Madden, Pasport Boots, (here) $130.00
4. House of Harlow, Black leather garter bracelet (shield bracelet), (here) $100.00
5. Spiegel, Cascade Duster, (here) $129.00
6. Dragonweave Jewelry, Pentagram of Brisingamen pewter necklace, (here) $29.00
7. Volkswagon, New Beetle, available at your local VW dealership, starting at around $18,000
8. Old Navy, Lightweight roll-up shirt, (here) $29.50
9. Old Navy, The Diva skinny jeans, (here) $29.50

Map of Chicago Illinois (here) 
Dresden Files novels available on

* As a note, the audiobooks are read by none other than James Marsters, of Buffy and Smallville fame. I definitely hear Spike every once in a while, even without the fake British accent.
** I originally had included a silver glittery skull for a Bob-type spirit but thought it would be a bit much. 

Have you read any of the Dresden Files? What other books are you caught up in now? (I love recommendations!)



  1. 1. Love Jim's books
    2. Love Harry Connolly's too
    3. Jim also loves Harry's books
    4. I'm not being a tool, actually have internet friendships, past and present, with Jim and Harry (Jim was when I was in high school, before his books came out)

  2. Hooray for the Dresden Files! I think that my three favorites are Summer Knight, Proven Guilty, and Changes. Blood Rites is pretty good too...yeah, it's just a great series. ;)


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