Monday, September 10, 2012


So, for the past few months, those of you that know me know that I have been voraciously devouring the entirety of Doctor Who. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a "NuWho-vian" so the "entirety of Doctor Who" for me starts with the Ninth Doctor, played by the dark and sometimes brooding Christopher Eccleston. When I finished the first (and Eccleston's only) season, I said to myself "This is it!...No one will be able to outdo the Ninth Doctor...He will always be my favorite." Then David Tennant came on the scene with his sightly sillier Doctor, dapper pinstriped suit, and awesome hair. It took me a few episodes, but I ended up loving him with Rose Tyler and it was "ALLONS-Y" for all of seasons two through four. The episodes telling the story of the end of the tenth Doctor's adventures were some of the most well written, well acted moments of television I have ever seen. (I definitely "had something in both of my eyes" during the season five finale.) And of course, when it was all said and done, Ten was my new favorite and there was no WAY the new Doctor would ever change that, especially without Rose, or Martha, or the Doctor Donna. 

But sure enough, I gave it a few episodes and Matt Smith and "Eleven" won me over. I'd like to think its the talent of the show's writers that manages to keep me coming back, even when my precious Doctor regenerates.I love the Ponds, I love the new TARDIS and I love River Song because let's face it...River Song is cool.In honor of the new season of Doctor Who, I have put together an Eleven inspired outfit that I think would be perfect for the upcoming fall weather. I say inspired, because I decided to stick with tailored women's clothing and a sweet red statement necklace instead of a bowtie. 

We're already two episodes into Season 7 and all I have to say is...GERONIMO!!!!!

1. Necklace: Shopbop, Fallon Jewelry Collage Choker , (here) $225
2. Shirt: H&M, in Light Blue (here) $29.95
3. Blazer: H&M, in Brown Checked, (here) $59.95
4. Boots : Steve Madden, "Troopa" in black, (here) $100
5. Pants: J.Crew, "Cafe Capri"in wool, in black (here) $128
6. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, "Morning After Bag" in TARDIS blue (here) $519
7. Sonic Screwdriver Ink Pen,  (here) $24.99

Question: Are you a Doctor Who fan? Who is your favorite Doctor?


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