Thank you! But your princess is in another castle!

I daydream of crushing Brettonians with my evil Santa Ogre army, finally finishing Mass Effect, traveling the world, having adventures, and learning to shoot a bow and arrow. I also believe you can never have too many hair products. I live with my awesome husband Chris (fellow geek, and amazing chef!) and my darling border collie/husky mix Ripley (basically the most beautiful dog in the whole world).

I don't feel that having nerdy hobbies or interests is synonymous with being male, having bad hygiene, and not having a social life. I believe in being strong and smart and looking decent while doing so! Dungeons and Diamonds is about having the best of both worlds. I hope to be an ambassador for awesome chicks everywhere!

On D&D, I hope you will find plenty of imagination, style, and general tomfoolery!


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