Friday, August 1, 2014

Dream Team Gathering - Minneapolis Edition

OR: "Turnt Across Minneapolis"

It seems likely lately the world has gotten smaller and smaller. Friendships can be made just as easily across time zones as they can in your local community. I think gaming definitely helps bring like minded people together and bridges the geographical gap between geeky communities. 

Why am I waxing poetic about friendship you ask? Well, I play this little (not really) game called League of Legends, which is a multi-player online battle arena game. I started playing in the Spring of last year and have been hooked ever since. I started playing with a particular group of people after a friend of a friend (thanks Kody!) invited us to the same game. After about a year of playing online together, Chris and I decided that we were going to trek out to the mid-west  for a long weekend to meet up with everyone IRL.

Zoe and Chris were the hostess and host with the mostess and after picking us up from the airport, and having a few drinks at the hotel lounge (thanks Hilton Minneapolis Mall of America!), we picked up right where we would over Skype.

I was definitely a bad blogger, and even after bringing my fancy camera with me, I did not take a single picture with it. I think I was having way too much fun to stop and think "what will I blog with?" That being said, my iPhone saved the day so I present to you a pictorial of one of the most OP weekends ever.
Plantronics Gamecom- 10/10 love this headset.

The view from our flight.

Horse sculpture at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Good eats?

GLHF guys.

Oh man my fake tan was bordering on oompa loompa. Look at the handsome guy instead.

Cotton Candy flowers at the gardens.

Minnehaha Falls

Dream Team is now forever inscribed upon a random table at Sea Salt.

I really wanted to re-create one of those maternity shoots. Erin, how did I do?

We clean up ok. Take note- wearing a white jacket (however much you love it) while biking across a city is quite possibly the worst idea ever.

Dream Team turning water into wine. (Oh wait, that was later.)

I wanted to get a picture with this R2-D2 SO BADLY, but he was in an off limits area.

Bridge pano game is strong.

I asked everyone to give me their best "I am not turnt up" face.

Row of snazzy drinks at a snazzy bar we stopped in during our epic bike ride about town.

This is just Alexis taking her third pano EVER.

I call this one "Gamer Butts"

Before we headed back on Sunday, Zoe and Chris made sure we had an amazing brunch at The Lowry (omg, coffee and Bailey's forever) before they took us for a quick trip to see the splendor that is the Mall of America. Below is our attempt at making Lego versions of ourselves at the Lego Store. Pretty accurate if you ask me. 

Thanks again to Zoe and Chris for hosting the best parties and showing us about town! We had an absolute blast! Take care of my sons until I return. Until we meet again on the fields of justice...

GGWP to all! (Turn down for nothing.)

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