Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Seattle Day 1 - Pike Place Market, Space Needle, and the EMP Museum

Back in May, Chris and I went on a week long trip to the Pacific-Northwest with two of our great friends, Matt and and Mel. We flew into Seattle and spent a few days touring the city and hiking the misty mountains before driving across the border to Vancouver, Canada. 

These next few blogs will be photo highlights of the best bits of our trip. Prepare yourself for lots of green and grey! First up- Seattle, WA. 


The institution. We were even provided with the most stereotypical Seattle weather you could ever want.

 Chris and I and an eternal grey sky/mist.

The seafood was so fresh! Both Chris and I tried the shrimp and it was delicious.

 The colors in this place were so vibrant! It was hard to know where to rest your eyes, between all of the colorful fruit, veg, and flowers. 

The O.G. Starbucks. I poked my head inside, but it was WAY too crowded to get a drink.


 After Pike Place, we walked to the Space Needle. It was SUPER windy, but the views were worth it.

Another Seattle skyline.


We didn't know what to expect at the EMP Museum. We lucked out though, because on display at the time (and apparently it's still there for anyone headed to Seattle) was the "Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Legend" and "Icons of Science Fiction"exhibits! (Read more about the exhibits here and here.) There were lots of cool weapons, costumes, and props from some of my favorite movies and TV shows.

The rest of the museum is a tribute to different rock icons.
 Here there be dragons. 

The trouble with tribbles.


You remind me of the babe...

Westeros has a new leader. It is known...

Wandering the city was SO fun, and it was definitely interesting to feel the difference in attitude and atmosphere between DC and Seattle. Seattle was a lot more laid back and less frenetic and rushed. I could totally see myself living there.

Next up: Seattle Day 2 - Hiking at Twin Falls Park (or: SO MUCH GREEN or: JURASSIC PARK) Stay tuned!


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