Monday, April 18, 2011

Channelling Cheetara

Okay, okay, so technically this is a leopard print. But I liked the alliteration.

This is a new nail product I kept seeing in all of the fashion magazines, and I thought I'd give it a go. Check out Sally Hansen's "Nail Effects."

Essentially, they are printed strips made from real nail polish that you apply to your nails. The kit comes with 16 strips, a cuticle pusher stick, and a mini file, to file off the excess material. It's supposed to last for about 10 days (or until you get tired of the pattern.) They are normally $10 at your local drugstore/Ulta, but I happened to find them for $5 at Wegmans of all places. (Cheaper than a manicure..Score!)

I tried Kitty, Kitty.

Verdict: I LOVE THESE!!! Once I figured out the best technique for application, these were no problem at all. A few people have commented that they look professionally painted on. These photos were taken 2 days in and no chipping or cracking thus far. I would definitely recommend these, especially if you can find them on sale.


  1. My hairdresser had the lace Nail Effects on the last time that I saw her. They looked great. The "Kitty, Kitty" ones look even better! I might have to try the sparkly ones...

  2. Hi, had to comment on Ripley who I saw on Tina's post. She looks so much like my baby Tyler. We think Tyler is basenji/husky maybe? Similar body, color, with blue eyes. Hopefully Tina will post her pic one of these days! Sadly, she's 16 so she won't be around much longer. We rescued her when she was a year old from the SPCA in Newport News, VA.


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