Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nouveaux Nerd

Back in the day, I had more than my fair share of "nerd" attire. From anime t-shirts to my Dana Scully FBI badge, I wore it loud and wore it proud. And i'm not gonna lie: I can't bear to give up my 3 sizes too big X-Files t-shirt (which i still sleep in.)

Nowadays though, it seems as if some retailers/designers are getting a bit more subtle with their "Geek Chic."

1. Bella's Jacket, from the Twilight series. By B.B. Dakota and available (here) and (here) in multiple colors. I actually own this jacket in olive (a Christmas gift from a friend).I have to say, it is warm, cute, and functional what with the multitude of pockets.

                                                                                       Pictures: PacSun/Summit Entertainment

2. "My Other Ride is a LightCycle" (t-shirt and hoodie) by Rolf Nelson, available (here) at Threadless. (Where, incidentally, you can find lots of other cool tees.) Tron fans rejoice! With upcoming release of the remake, this design will definitely sate the old and new-school nerd alike. (The best part: it glows in the dark!)

                                                                                                    Pictures: Threadless

3. Lord of the Rings: The One Ring, available (here) on a chain in gold plate, silver and 14k gold.
I would wear this on a chain, layered with other necklaces, and definitely with the elvish script.

                                                                                                                                                                           Picture: MyPrecious Jewlery

4. House Slytherin Thin Striped Tie, available (here.) One for the gents. A little preppy to the undiscerning eye, but those of us of the House of Guilty Pleasure know which bleach-blonde brit you're trying to channel.

                                                                     Pictures: Whimsical Alley, Warner Brothers Pictures

5. And if subtlety isn't your thing, go for the gold with Liz's "Viva La Zombie" line, available (here).
I think I need the Organic Cotton Women's tee.

Any geeky swag you just can't give up?
Run across an amazing accessory?
I want to see!



  1. ZOMG I'm so following your blog *snort snort*

  2. I love the jacket!!

    I have a t shirt with an anatomically correct heart that reads "Hopeless Necromantic" on it. It was given to me in a LARP as a gift. I still wear it... can't part with it!

  3. Dude... totally got to get the tie and the Tron hoodie!


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