Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Is it wrong that I didn't shower until 10 PM last night? Maybe that was TMI. Still, showering aside, I was quite productive yesterday. Chris and I cleaned the apartment (after he kicked me out of his kitchen domain), did some laundry, went to pick up my car from work, and acquired the last season of Angel, and the only season of Space: Above and Beyond. I also worked on my blog a little bit, which is coming along, slowly but surely. I need a Photo-Shop master to help me pimp my banner.

Friday we went to see 30 Seconds to Mars, MuteMath, Neon Trees and Street Drum Corp at American University in DC. First off let me start by saying that the Tenleytown area of DC (to include the AU campus) is SO NICE. I can't believe after all my years here that I've never really driven or walked through that part of town.All of the students were out and about in the nice weather, so it was a fun atmosphere. How was the concert? Well, the lead singer of Neon Trees had a great voice, so I will definitely be checking them out on iTunes. MuteMath was incredible. Their sound is a little bit Coldplay, a little bit Muse, a little bit Sting. There performance was just so technically proficient that I would definitely say they stole the show. 30 seconds to Mars on the other hand...Oh Jared Leto....A part of me hopes you were actually really sick, considering you told the audience 200x that your voice was thrashed and you weren't feeling well. I found out you canceled your show in Charlotte today, so I'm inclined to believe you. You were pretty energetic for a sick guy though. Also, I was informed last night that you are almost 40, so all in all, I might be able to forgive Friday's performance. I will still rock out to Kings and Queens. 

What's in store for today? Not sure yet. I'm still wearing pajamas, so as long as I get cleaned up and dressed, I will consider this day a success. For now, I will heed the call of the fresh brewed coffee in the kitchen.

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