Monday, April 26, 2010

Carpe Diem

I would like to say THANK YOU to Jon Hauris (husband to the lovely Liz) for jazzing up my little banner. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness! :)

Yes, this post has been self-deleted because "people don't want to read that."



  1. Are you happy? Hell, yes!

    Do you think happiness is directly related to gratefulness?As in not having great means but having few wants? I do.

    Is there anything you wish could be different, but can't, because of one circumstance or another? Sure, but I also believe those things can make us better people, if we approach them correctly.

    Do you believe you can change anything? No. There is a definite concreteness to the universe. However, I find that comforting. Although sometimes I want to be, it is a good thing I am not that powerful.

    Do you feel the need to impress people with certain things or beliefs? No. I am unapologetically me. It leads to strife in my relationships sometimes, but if that is the way it is, then it is. I am not going to compromise myself to be liked or avoid confrontation. I work hard to love others who disagree with me. I hope they show me that same love :)

  2. Well said, Liz, well said.
    Sometimes I feel as if I'm being ungrateful if I'm unhappy. But, unhappiness has different roots than appreciativeness sometimes. ( I think)

    I don't feel the need to be impressive when it comes to being me, but I think I've had this ideal in my head about what it means to have a successful career, life goal, etc. But being able to be true to yourself is worth more than a fancy job title, house or car.

    Also, I slept in on Sunday, didn't hear your calls and missed riding. I am a bum.


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