Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wall Swag

A house isn't a home until you've put your own personal touches on it. The easiest way to impart your sense of style, aesthetic, and sense of humor is by adorning the biggest canvas you have: your walls!

Vintage Style Super-Hero Posters by Michael Myers 
Artist Michael Myers has a series of these vintage super-hero posters, which would look awesome framed in a TV room or office. Click on his name above and check out his other designs and illustrations.
(Check out his blog! Some great work from him and links to other.)

Battlestar Galactica Propaganda Posters (as a 5 poster set) (here)
and First Cylon War Print (here) designed by Adam Levermore-Rich

"Join the battle against Cylon tyranny! Show your true colors and support the cause by displaying these posters in the common areas of your ship. Officially sanctioned by Fleet Operations, each poster contains critical messages from the Colonial Ministry of Information that will help recruit, inspire and inform your fellow Colonial citizens." - Quantum Mechanix

These would be a cool addition to any retro themed office.

Seems like any other battle, save for the cylon on the far right. Makes you look twice.

Nintendo Wall Graphics (here)
Of course, my preference is Original Mario, but they also come in Donkey Kong and New Super Mario Bros
I would have killed to have this in my room when I was a kid! Especially after that glorious day when I finally beat the game.

Star Trek Wall Decals- Full Wall Mural (here)
This is just spectacular. I love it as pictured, as the backdrop for what appears to be an IKEA dorm.
Truly, if you are going to do something, never do it half-way.

Are you a minimalist when it comes to artwork/decoration or do you like to go all out?

(Also, Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!)


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