Monday, May 31, 2010

Be Prepared

First, D&D is back! (Can I even use those symbols together without getting sued?)

Second, Happy Memorial Day! My father served in the US Army for 25 years and my fiancee served in the Air Force for 6, and both say they're better people for it. To those who defend our country, (or used to) I say THANK YOU.

Third, I had a doughnut (spell check would not allow DONUT) this morning for breakfast, and boy oh boy was it tasty.

Survival of the Alive-est
A few weeks ago, before one of our weekend Warhammer sessions, Jon, Liz, Chris and I were pontificating on the subject of survival during a "hypothetical" zombie epidemic. Jon happened to hear of a brilliant  item called a "bug-out" bag. This is a bag packed with gear that you would need to survive at least 72 hours in case you had to "bug-out" of your house quickly. In case you didn't already have one put together, I have given you some options below.
Your bug-out bag should be small enough for you to carry on your own, but big enough to store the essentials. They need to be durable enough to withstand the elements and a some "wear and tear." (Especially the "tear" part if we're talking about zombies.) The first style, is a backpack design which leaves both hands free, in case you need to carry weapons, children, or pets. (Or one of each?) The second is a messenger style, which also leaves both hands free. The last example is a hand carry, which if heavy enough, could also be used as a blunt weapon.

1. SPEC.-OPS."T.H.E. Pack", available (here) $179.99
2. UTG "Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger Bag", available (here) $28.50
3.Klein Tools 20" Canvas Tool Bag, available (here) $60.87

Even more important than the bag part of your BO bag, is what is contained within. As much as I would like to include lip-gloss, some instant Starbucks coffee, and a fashion magazine or two, the BO bag needs to be pared down to hold only the basics. (Although it's questionable how long I would survive without a cup of coffee.)

1. Rand McNally, "Map of Northern Virginia", available (here) $4.70
2. Morakniv™ " Forest Exclusive Model 311BB 4 1/4", available (here) $99.00
3. Adventure Medical Kits, "UltraLight/Watertight Medical Kit, available (here) $36.00
4. Surefire, "E2L Outdoorsman Dual Output LED Flashlight," available (here) $159.00
5. Eton, "FR400 Special Edition Pink Crank Powered Emergency Radio with AM/FM, NOAA and TV-VHF", available (here) $58.99
6. Glock "19 Pistol, 9mm," available (here) $459.00
7. Datrex, "2400 Kcal per ration Emergency survival food bar," available (here) $5.19/12 pack
8. Steri-Pen "Traveler Hand-held UV Water Purifier," available (here) $60.00
9. Evian bottled water, available (here) $34.99/24 pack
10. Ultimate Survival Technologies "StrikeForce Fire Starter," available (here) $24.00
11. Max Brooks, "The Zombie Survival Guide," available (here) $9.50

Is there anything you think I should have included and didn't?
Do you have your own version of a bug out bag?



  1. It's just like my diaper bag! Only missing an emergency blanket or two, if not included in the 1st aid kit.


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