Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bean Town Part Deux

Saturday Chris and I did the rest of the Freedom Trail, starting with the U.S.S Constitution, aka "Old Ironsides."

The Cassin Young, in the same port.

GUNS! This reminds me of the rail gun on the battle barge! *nerd alert*


For all you Battlestar Galactica fans, this is old school DRADIS! (Direction Range and Distance)

The Constitution coming back into port

View from Bunker Hill. There were so many awesome row houses.

Colonel William Prescott

Then it was on to lunch in Little Italy. We ate at this quaint, off the trail restaurant called Massimino's. I had eggplant rolls and split a glass of cabernet with Chris. No pictures but a great lunch! Afterwards, we stopped a cute cafe where the barista made a perfectly foamed cappuccino. No easy feat!

View from Charlestown Bridge- continuing our walk.

When we crossed the bridge back onto Newbury Street, we conveniently encountered J.P. Licks, a "must-eat" in Boston. They have lots of ice cream and froyo with all of the toppings you could want. We split a small chocolate with reese's cups. No pics, because I was too busy stuffing my face. Om nom nom.

People watching back at Quincy Market. That place was PACKED on the 4th.

Later that evening we had dinner at the Black Rose, an Irish Pub. Food was mediocre and it was pretty dead, since everyone was down at the Esplanade to see the fireworks and Neil Diamond MC'ing the Boston Pops show.

Speaking of fireworks, we saw a great show.

And we had the perfect seats...

Thats right. I do what i want!

Before bed, a little cookies and "milk." Peanut Butter Cookie courtesy of Mike's Pastries (GO THERE!!!) and "milk" courtesy of the hotel bar.

Uneventful plane ride back the next morning, and thanks to my mom and pops, we were safely back in VA on Sunday afternoon.I was so not ready to go back to work on Monday.

I'm already contemplating where I want to go next. Anyone down for Vegas on Halloween? I mean, I don't think it gets better than gambling IN COSTUMES.


  1. LOL - Boston looks like a blast! And I like how you roll with the cookies and fireworks - get it gurl! :)


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