Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con 2011

We came, we saw, we squealed like giddy nerd girls! This past Saturday, Chris and I drove up to Baltimore with our good friends Marius and TheBellyDancingGamer (from here on out TBDG) to frolic about the Baltimore Inner Harbor Convention Center. 
Phoenix and 3 Wolf Moon

This ain't no joke!

 Too short for the camera.


I am smiling.

My smile looks scary and forced here. But really, I was quite happy!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, this being my first Comic Con and all, but I had a great time! It wasn’t as big as some other cons I’ve been to (e.g.- Otakon and Katsucon) but for $20 I think it was worth it. There were lots of cool costumes (gave me lots of cool ideas for the next stop on the con tour) and a good sized dealer’s room with lots of great artists including Joel Watson (of Hijinks Ensue- As a side note, TBDG's "Buffy sketch" is on the front page!! ), Jo Chen (of Buffy, Serenity, Marvel and video game fame! Also I found out she’s local!), John Linsner (Dawn Creator) and various other famous and up-and coming talent. 

Then, there was the cosplay...for better or for, errr...worse.

Captain AMURR-ICA!

 Back from the future

Why was Scorpion all alone on that weird triangle? The world may never know.

Even Timmy had a costume! (Thanks Thinkgeek!)

Two Wolf Timmy Moon...I think my brain just exploded!!

Mortal Kosplay

Why so serious??

I purchased a really sweet DC Comics poster (for a great price) from Terry Huddleston (be on the lookout for a “Home Sweet” post based around this print!) and a Green Lantern Corps propaganda poster. All of the artists I spoke to or purchased something from were very gracious and down to earth, which made for a great experience. 

The only real down-side to the BCC was the Costume Contest. It was slightly disorganized, and was running VERY late. We got through the kids (all I can say is BABY THOR!) and a handful of the adults before we had to head back downstairs before everything closed. I haven’t looked up the results of the contest yet, but I’m pretty sure the Epic Optimus Prime took something home.

If I could offer some advice to the planners, it would be to have more events other than just the Q&A/Info panels. I would pick a couple of rooms to constantly run some TV/Movie spinoffs (i.e.- Justice League, Batman Beyond, Smallville, Iron Man etc. ). I would also have more art panels, to include costume construction.  They should hire me as their nerd event planner. Be on the lookout for more BCC2011 recaps from TheBellyDancingGamer . (She’s WAY better about taking pictures than I am!)


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  1. You took awesome pics! I had so much fun at BCC--I can't wait for next year. :D


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