Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are you Tough Enough?

This October, I will be participating in what will most likely be the most challenging physical experience of my life (up to that point of course.) I mean, it really is billed as the “Toughest Event on the Planet.” The event is TOUGH MUDDER, an obstacle course originally designed by British Special Forces. This year, TOUGH MUDDER will be at Wintergreen Resort on 22 October, a mere 2 -3 hour drive from where I live. 

Here is an interactive course map with all of the obstacles explained in detail.

Early on, a group of my friends and family decided to form a team and run the course together. There are seven of us, each, on some level, making a commitment to finish strong. Now I like working out, and try to exercise regularly, but if I want to be a “tough mudder” then I knew I had to kick up my workouts and healthy eating habits. (From Jabba to Jean Grey, if you will!) I have been doing a combination of outdoor trail runs, interval training, and strength training workouts to boost my overall fitness. I have been keeping track of my workouts and will occasionally post my “weekly re-caps” here on Dungeons and Diamonds. I am not a personal trainer, or a dietician, or any sort of fitness expert, by ANY means, but I will post the workouts, that have given me results and healthy eats that I enjoy.

 There will, of course, be a recap of Tough Mudder afterwards including mud filled photos and video!

Question: Are you currently training for a race or some other sort of physical event?


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