Monday, September 20, 2010


Most of my Saturdays are spent indulging my love of sleeping in. There's just something about waking up from the week prior and snuggling back down into the down comforter, just because I can.

Typical Saturday A.M.
(Thanks Chris, for catching me in all my glory!!)

Then there's the food. I'm usually luck enough to wake up to coffee and some sort of delicious breakfast being made. (My fiance has set the bar pretty high for himself.)

 (Toasted English muffin and fritatta, with OJ and coffee on the side)

Eventually I get some inspiration to be productive (which usually just involves making lists and then getting distracted by some trashy reality show like Jerseylicious or Bridezillas.) By that point, Chris has given in to the adorable fuzzy face of Ripley (who is "not allowed on the couch") and the two of them begin the arduous task of watching food network re-runs.

(from these pictures, you would never think my dog to be a little on the rambunctious side)

Pay no attention to the stark white walls. We've only lived here for 10 months.

What is your favourite Saturday morning ritual?


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  1. I think that my favorite way to spend a Saturday is very similar to yours! There's nothing better than sleeping in, making brunch with Mike, and snuggling with the cats while reading a good book. I wish that I could do that every Saturday, lol.


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