Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Lovin'

If you check out the right hand side of my blog you’ll notice a list of blogs and some informational websites that I usually check on a daily basis. Besides the major news websites, these are some of the tools I use to keep updated with the latest in style, science, home improvement and, of course, geekery. Here is a low-down on my ever-expanding list of faves:

100 Layer Cake-  A wedding blog with beautiful photography, and lots of inspiration.

A La Mode- A style/fashion/beauty blog managed by the lovely Tara with info on trends (good and bad) and deals for those of us on a budget. LOVE the Target picks and spotlights.

Apartment Therapy- A design blog with sub-sites for tech, kids, green living, and recipes. Its where I go to daydream about living in more than a 2 bedroom apartment with white walls. 

Carrots 'N Cake- A healthy living blog by  Tina, who tries to showcase her efforts to eat healthy, but everything in moderation. 

Drawsgood Illustration and Design Blog- The artwork of Michael B. Myers, Jr. Lots of amazing traditional line art as well as digital media. Not updated very often, but lots of older stuff to keep you occupied.

Fabulously Broke...In the city- "I am a 20-something year old who got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 (gross) a year." That pretty much got me hooked. I will be the first one to admit that I have Dom Perignon tastes on a PBR budget. Lots of good advice about living within your means, and cutting out all the extraneous stuff in life.

Felicia Day- Official website and blog, of the famous red-headed gamer girl, and creator of web-series "The Guild."

Further Dispatches- The continuation of LOST star Jorge Garcia's blog. Lots of "LOL's" to be had here. 

Healthy Tipping Point- Another healthy living blog by Caitlin. She too, strives for balance between getting lots of exercise, eating to fuel the body, and drinking delicious beer!

Her Universe- Website and blog of Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Created her own line of Star Wars memorabilia especially made for women. 

io9- THE website for all geek news. Check out the latest trailer for the new HBO mini-series, "The Game of Thrones" based on the books by George R.R. Martin.

LettisLove- Blog by one of my best friends, Erin, chronicling her adventures as a new mom.

Loremaster- My friend Matt has made this the place for all things D&D (the real one, hehe) and RPG. He free-lances for Wizards of the Coast, so there is a lot of original content.
Neil Gaiman's Journal- Written by one of my favourite author's. I just recently found out that he writes for the new Dr. Who!

Once Wed- Lots of DIY style, for brides on a budget. Love the photography and easily accessible design ideas.

The Chloe Conspiracy- Style blog by Chloe who manages to always look amazing while mixing Forever 21 with Miu Miu. I always visit this site first thing in the morning to find out the newest online deals of the day for my favourite e-tailers.
The Bellydancing Gamer- Run by the beautiful "Sitara", another good friend of mine. She does it all. Science, gaming, shopping, fashion and of course, dancing!

Dr. Michio Kaku- I read "About Time", and "The Physics of Star Trek" way back in the day. His website features all of the awesome "what-ifs" of science, explained for the layman to understand. 
Young House Love- Home improvement website by a young couple from Richmond, VA. They have literally renovated every sq. ft. of their one story brick home and it is now gracing the pages of design magazines and blogs everywhere! Lots of tutorials that I can't wait to test out once we have a house.

If there are any blogs, websites, collections of madness out there that you think I might enjoy please leave a link in the comment section. I love new material!



  1. i found this blog and used some of its suggestions to spruce my blog up a bit

    some of the info is outdated but a lot of it is still relevant.

  2. thanks! My blog is in need of some updating, so I could definitely use the tips.

  3. i was thinking instead of your title image that looks like it was made in ms paint why not get some diamonds and some dice and take some photos of it. okay probably not real diamonds but you know. i bet i could do something neat with my light tent.

  4. if you had a diamond ring and a d20

  5. Thank you for the shout-out! <3

  6. @Darder- Yeah, i need to get a hold of Photoshop or something so I can manipulate some of the pictures I have.

    @Sitara- But of COURSE dah-ling! :)


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