Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Shot Through the Heart...and you're to blame"

Greetings readers! I am back from my slightly unexpected absence. We have a "new addition" to our family, in the way of a very precocious little black and white dog. (More on her in an upcoming post!) She has taken up a lot of our time recently, but D&Di has returned with more geeky goodness than ever! More on her in an upcoming post!

Today I bring you a very simple modern day vampire hunting ensemble. Where are the silver bullets and the UV Ray guns you ask? Well, I thought about it, and the things I highlighted here can be purchased with ease on the internet, and a lot of brick and mortar stores. (And in the case of the stakes, procured from your own back yard!)

As Buffy showed the world, there is no need to let style fall by the wayside when battling the creatures of the night. 

1. Joie, "The Pepper" suede messenger bag, (here) $265.00
2. Low Luv x Erin Wasson, cross pendant necklace, (here) $113.00
3. Lars Enander, Gransfors Bruks Ancient Collection Battle Axe, (here) $876.99
4.Barnett, Panzer V Crossbow package, (here) 189.99
5. Puma, tank top, (here) $60.00
6. KRMA, "Dean" leather jacket, (here) $598.00
7. The Green Dragon, curly walnut vampire stake, (here) $27.00
8. Enzo Angiolini, "Zoot" boot (here) $99.00

What would you include in your vampire hunting kit? 

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