Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RIPLEY _ _ _ has joined your party!

So last post I mentioned that we had a new addition to our household. Behold, Ripley! (Yes, like the lazy video-gamer, we kept the name she had when we adopted her. We'll just pretend its a reference to Alien.)

At the adoption event when I first met her.

Chillin in the shade at the adoption event.


Look at those Yoda ears!

She's just resting her bum is all.

We adopted Ripley (aka Professor Longbody) from a rescue organization in DC called K-9 Lifesavers which is based out of DC/Southern Maryland. We saw her first on and I was smitten with her 2 different color eyes. I drove to an adoption event to meet her and the rest is history. After 2 weeks she can already sit, shake and lay down. We're taking her to obedience classes starting July 12 to help teach her a few more "dog manners."
Having a dog has been a big adjustment to our schedules, but she is my crazy little furball and I love her. It's also increased our activity like crazy, and I'm sure my waistline approves. We've found a local dog park where she can socialize and run her little heart out, which is great, considering we don't have a yard. 
 Iif you are interested in getting a pet, I encourage adoption! There are lots of loving animals out there who need a good home.

Do you have a pet?  (Hint: If the answer is yes, post a picture. I want to see!)
If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?



  1. What a cutie she is!

  2. Riley is sooo cute! Saw her adorable mug on CNC and had to come say hello.

    We were amazed at how much our activity level increased after we got our dog, Gus. Our waislines thanked us, too. :)


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