Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home Sweet...Level One

If you ask most people, they usually remember most of their firsts. Their first car (mine spontaneously combusted), their first apartment (I lived with one of my best friends Erin!), and their first pet (an adorable little American Eskimo named Snowy) to name a few. If you're like me, you also remember your first video game. Mine was most definitely Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo console.I remember my sister and I bringing it with us to a relative's house and playing non-stop until all the lights were turned out in the house, and we had a bad case of "controller thumbs."

Ever since I found this AMAZING mario question cube light (that turns on when you hit the bottom!!!) on Pinterest, I wanted to do a "Home Sweet" post including it. The light is handmade by 8BitLit who runs an Etsy shop where you can purchase the light fully constructed, or, for slightly less, a kit so you can DIY. I can imagine 2 or 3 of these hanging in a row in a room with exposed brick walls and lots of green and gold accents. I'm even thinking about getting one for my home office, when I start my big office overhaul.

1. Print: Glen Brogan, "The Plumber's Wardrobe" , (here) $9.95
2. Hanging Light: 8BitLit, "Interactive 8 bit Question Block Lamp)"(here) $74.99 ($54.99 DIY)
3. Sloane Ladder Bookshelf: Crate and Barrel, in Espresso, (here) $129.00
4. Gold Chair : Studio Ball  (no longer available- DIY with a plastic lawn chair, primer and gold spray paint!)
5. Rug: CB2, "Par Shag Rug"in Green (here) $199.00
6. Table: Arper, "Dizzy Side Table" in Green and White (here) $365.00
7. Potted Venus Fly Trap plant, (here) $4.99

Just for fun: Check out these Mario Bros. propaganda prints from Fro Design Co. ($150 for set of 9). These would be awesome framed and hung as a statement piece in an office!


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  1. Clever post! I think you would be very dangerous with a can of gold spray paint ;)


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